Beginner: Wheel Throwing

Wheel throwing is the process of shaping clay on the potter’s wheel. It usually involves a few steps such as wedging to prepare your clay, centering to secure your clay and opening and pulling up the walls. You can sign up to have a creative outlet, a stress buster, or maybe to refine the basics that you already know.

If you are on your way to become a professional potter or just trying a new skill, this is a good start. As you progress, you will understand the delicate balance between speed and stability as well as dampness and strength. This is a seven session workshop  which also includes a basics to clay and pottery theory class and extra 6 hours of studio time for you to use for practice. No prior experience is required to join this class!

Please note that forming a perfect cylinder is the end goal for this class.

Level: Beginner
Ages: 18 and above
Included: Apron, clay, glazes, tools, lessons, studio time, and firings
Clump size: 350g each class
No. of fired pieces: 4 final glazed and fired pieces
Additional fired pieces: MVR 150/- per piece
Cost: MVR 4500 GST inclusive per person for the full course

Terms and Conditions
All classes are subject to availability and may be canceled at any time by the Clay Studio Maldives.

Missed Classes

If a class is missed, no make-up session can be offered. Please set a reminder and double-check class dates and times prior to booking.


Clay Studio Maldives and its employees are not liable or responsible for any accidental injury to students or any loss or damage to personal possessions.

Photography / Videography

Clay Studio Maldives reserves the right to take photographs and video footage during classes that may include students and to use these photographs and video footage for the purpose of advertising our classes in all media in perpetuity and without payment to students.

Finished Work

Disclaimer: All care is taken to ensure student’s pieces are well made, however, due to the inherent characteristics of this medium, Clay Studio Maldives cannot be held responsible for any undesirable outcomes, including cracking, breakage, misfires or something not turning out how you had hoped.

Projects will be ready for collection when contacted, three weeks after the date of the last class. 


We have a strict ONE MONTH storage policy. This includes thrown work, bisqued work waiting to be glazed, as well as finished work waiting to be collected.
If pieces are not collected within this time frame, they will either be discarded or donated.


By completing the purchase, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions. 

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be communicated 24 hours before the start of the class. We have a no refund policy due to losing a spot and not being able to fill the seat. We can offer options on rescheduling that class of the same value to another available date.